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Vitality of Shodo calligraphy at Zen Brush

4 September 2021

Vitality of Shodo calligraphy at Zen Brush

After the summer break we met at our online group and enjoyed brushing the characters kiryoku 気力 , which means – vitality or energy, or willpower.

Vitality of Shodo calligraphy at Zen Brush

The first kanji Ki 気 (in the pic attached) is the same character as qi/chi in Chinese such as in Tai-chi or Qi-gong and is a fascinating one to brush, especially in the flowing style. Inspired by these practices guided by Blair we grounded ourselves and with a balance of calm and ‘genki’ energy practiced both kaisho and sosho styles, from Blair’s worksheets. 

The kaisho ‘boxed’ style version we worked with for 気 ki used the more traditional part for okome – rice – and Blair chatted about the reasons this was used to do with steam, breath and life energy which can be discovered in the older tensho and reisho styles. Thanks to those who took part and those who offered to send pictures for this blogpost, lively shodo works, glad you had a nice shodo practice!

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