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create + relax + enjoy

We help people to relax and enjoy inspiring creative adventures.

Our fun and varied groups include community art, drawing, Shodo calligraphy, art in nature and meditation. We work with people of all ages and support individuals with one to one sessions. Join Blair to explore creatively 🙂

Drawing Trees day at Lenzie
Exploring the world of trees at Clydebank art group
Japanese shodo calligraphy at the Beautiful autumnal Cowden Garden
Creative Time – celebrating midsummer
Seal carving and blowing stone dust at the Japanese Garden at Cowden
From summer into autumn, forest and natural patterns at Clydebank art groups
Tree drawings by Margaret Kerr and Blair Thomson
Tree drawings by Margaret Kerr and Blair Thomson
Clydebank summer cash for kids 2019
“Leafy palm trees and geometry at the Winter Gardens and People’s Palace” is locked Leafy palm trees and geometry at the Winter Gardens and People’s Palace
Pattern and pathways - connecting with the environment
Swimming through the kelp forest

Be Well – Free relaxing art and nature sessions at Ruchill

Ruchill Pavilion (former golf clubhouse)
12 Brassey Street
G20 9HP

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Inspired by the examples of calligrapher Chie
Creative Time

Online art community

Creative time

Try out some fun and easygoing activities from doodling to seasonal photos – Creative Time – have some creative enjoyment and stay in touch online!

Expansive night skys and celestial heads over the city

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Community group funders

Thanks to our supporters and community group funders including –

The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation
Glasgow Connected Arts Network
West Dunbartonshire Council