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Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy and Arts

Immerse yourself in inspiring practices

Our group activities or one to one sessions are great ways to explore the delightful and fascinating worlds of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy and artwork. Relax, connect meditatively, have fun and enjoy at your leisure – goyukkuri  ごゆっくり 🙂 

Japanese and Chinese Seal Engraving – Tenkoku

Shodo Calligraphy

Enjoy learning and practicing Shodo 書道 Japanese and Chinese calligraphy with Blair.

Tenkoku styles Blair Thomson D+P Studio

Tenkoku Seal Engraving

Enjoy the process of creating and stamping with your very own hanko seal, with eraser and craft knife, or stones and cutter.

Shakyo Hannya Shingyo

Shakyo – Tracing the Sutra

The practice of Shakyo 写経 is a meditative and heartful practice offered in many temples in Japan.

Try out these Japanese and Chinese practices with us – Shodo calligraphy, Tenkoku (hanko) stamp carving, Shakyo Sutra Tracing, Water Ink Painting (Suibokuga or sometimes called Sansui) and even some fun Haiku poetry or Origami paper folding too!

Our small team has lots of experience of these forms of practice having learned most of these in Japan. We are really passionate about encouraging people to try them out and find ways to engage with them, and so we have different approaches for various people and age groups to learn or practice. 

With demonstrations and friendly help from artist Blair Thomson, who is a member of Glasgow Zen Group and first studied Shodo in Osawano, Japan with calligraphy Master Wakabayashi, then Shodo and Shakyo sutra tracing at Japanese Zen and other temples with monks and nuns, and more recently with highly respected and kind teachers in Tokyo.

We regularly have art groups and events, sometimes free community events also, so please come and join us for one of these, we will look forward to welcoming you. Some of our events have been sponsored by Japanese charitable foundations such as GB Sasakawa Foundation, or we have been invited by companies such as Shiseido to talk about Shodo and give a calligraphy performance, and have run workshops at the beautiful Japanese Garden at Cowden. 

Some of the things participants have liked in these groups:

  • learn about the styles, history, and meanings of old Chinese / Japanese kanji characters
  • find out about and use all the traditional materials, mostly from Japan
  • try out in a supportive, friendly workshop environment
  • explore age old techniques
  • no pressure about what you make, emphasis on enjoying the process
  • peaceful and meditative practices, helping destress and relax
  • content connecting to nature, poetry, Zen and Buddhism
  • meet other folk with similar cultural interests