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Feedback Review Online

A feedback review is a great way for folio builders and creative people developing artwork to quickly get helpful, constructive criticism from a pro.

Our small but expert team, with many years of experience in the art and design world, will put their heads together over images of your work and think through what stage you are at, what you are interested in, what is working and not working? What do you need to do to achieve and push forward, what materials, techniques or content to explore or develop next?

Popular with portfolio builders who need a second opinion on what they have done so far, but are not looking for lessons, and may need advice on presentation, photography, content and balance between research and developed pieces and concepts.

Reviews have been useful for artists at various career stages who struggle to get feedback from artists with enough experience and skill who can also give friendly and supportive input. We have helped artists with artwork preparation, use of materials and media, expressing themes or ideas as well as other support.

Students are working on the joint tree scape painting.

Present your work for feedback in a few easy steps


A second opinion on the content and presentation of your creative work, with ideas on how to develop or edit.


Helpful consultation and encouraging guidance from a professional artist with experience working with artists and galleries worldwide.

Step 1

Digitally document your work

Step 2

Contact us to purchase your review after reading our terms (expiry date to submit to us by is 6 months after purchase)

Step 3

Send your images and information about your work to us by email

Step 4

Receive your feedback review by email within 10 working days of submission. Ask us any questions

Installtion work at the D+P Studio.

How much does the Feedback Review cost?

REVIEW £60 (Approx. $ 74)

6 Months Expiry from Purchase

We will communicate with you by email - you can send us images or video of your work, or a digital portfolio. Please read below for more detailed information and our terms. If you are interested in our online Feedback Review and have any questions at all, please contact us by email or use our contact form. If you are unsure about whether we can give feedback and advice on your specialism, feel free to contact us to discuss it before purchasing your review. Read our Important Information below.

Some of the Benefits of an Online Review


Super way to get feedback on your portfolio before you submit to a school or institution, or want to discuss it before your interview. Some school pupils also find a feedback review instructive.


We will consider carefully what advice to give you, and take enough time to give you the details that will help you know what stage you are at and how to move forward.


Specific feedback tailored to you, the individual.


Submitting is very flexible and convenient, at a time that suits you.


Open all year, students submit for a review at any time.


Input directly from professional staff with many years of experience in exhibiting and working in the art world, who will give you personal feedback on your work and ideas.


Our feedback is fair and unbiased, and constructive. We aim for our students to enjoy the creative process and have fun as well as develop their artworks.


Encouraging all our students to work with creative energy, and find find new routes to innovation and expression.

Online Feedback Review: Important Info

Payment is by bank transfer, please contact us by email to arrange this.

After purchase of a review, we aim to email you with a simple payment confirmation within 24 hours, followed by a more detailed email from us within 72 hours (within three days of purchase at the maximum, but we would aim to do before this, including on holidays or weekends) detailing how to reply with images and information about your artwork and any ideas, plans you have for your work. It is up to the student from this point on to reply and therefore start contact with the D&P Studio tutorial staff.

Students can send as many emails to us as needed to show the body of work they have created, with images of their artwork, or video, although we ask that if total file sizes are very large, they should be compressed, or split into smaller file size emails, so we can receive the emails. Once we have seen what we feel is enough to judge, and our review has been completed and sent back to the student, the student may have some questions about the review which we will be happy to reply to, and may want to send more images too. However, it is up to the D&P Studio staff to decide when the review has been completed and when to stop the review correspondence when we feel we have replied adequately.

For our feedback reviews the expiry period in which to send your images and info is 6 months, starting from the purchase date. If purchasing a review for someone else, could you please contact the D&P Studio by email to give us a note of their name and valid email address.

The primary method of contact between our potential students, current students and D&P Studio staff is by email. The language we offer is English only. Please contact us if you do not receive our email after purchase, the email address you gave us may have a problem or it may have gone into your spam box. It is up to students please to use a working email address and to check their inbox.

The D&P Studio accepts no liability for theft, damage or injury that may occur during artwork, tasks or preparation that have been advised as part of a feedback review. Use of art materials, equipment, choice of setup, research or themes, and art activity in or outdoors, is the responsibility of the student and not D&P Studio staff, please take care in your setup and activities, and follow any instructions that come with art materials and equipment.

There is a 14 day cooling off period after purchase, please email us at any time during this fourteen day period to receive a full refund, if you have not contacted with images or info. A review cancellation will only be accepted by email. After the fourteen day cooling off period, your right to cancel your review or have a refund will be lost. This is the case also if a review has not been commenced after the cooling off time. A review is non transferable. Reviews purchased for gift certificates are non refundable after purchased and also non transferable.

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