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One to One Tutoring

Creative one to one tutoring and feedback with a professional artist giving demos of techniques and examples, a whole range of possibilities including new skills and media, developing a folio, mindfulness based art, all customised to you.

We have moved our One to One Sessions online at present, using Zoom, please join Blair there!

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Any wide range of fine art and design techniques are taught, such as sketchbook work, mixed media, oils, water based paints, self-portrait, abstraction, digital drawing or portfolio development. Suitable for all levels of ability from complete beginners, tutoring and advice also for art graduates or other professionals.

Materials are provided, including paints, pens, charcoal and various other drawing tools and surfaces such as cartridge paper or board. We are enthusiastic about students developing sketchbooks and experimenting with new materials.

Want to meet for an initial conversation?

Some people want to test the water and chat first so we are happy to have a short meeting to see what you are interested in and if your needs can be met. Others are keen to get started, we are flexible. Meet at the KSD building, have a cuppa and see some art, or at a coffee shop or your place, there is no commitment so you can think over.

SQA Higher Art and beyond

Blair has experience working with students at school higher level to help them attain target grades and creatively flourish. A tailored programme will improve artwork, skills and confidence. Some students prepare for prelims and exams, and most go on to improved grades, with others building up their portfolio.

Children's art tutoring

Do you see artistic potential in your child's artwork, or want to give them a chance to learn art skills in a fun and motivating way? Blair has worked with children to draw, paint, illustrate, make craft, sculpt, using varied materials from graphite, pastels, paint pens, spray cans, to acrylic paints.

Mindfulness based Wellbeing and art

Blair has combined art with experience practicing mindfulness based meditation to nurture people to express creative potential and relax. Being mindfully aware of the moment helps people be creative by quietening stress and anxiety to grow positive feelings and thoughts and channel these into art. Or just enjoy the creative process without an aim.

Portfolio Preparation

Great way to rapidly develop, kickstart or refine your portfolio in a short time frame. We create portfolio tasks and projects personal to your folio and course, so that all students will develop a folio that is totally individual to them and their interests in art and design.

Digital Portfolio Development

Advice and help to build a digital portfolio, such as for applying to a practice based art and design course such as for Foundation, BA (Hons), or a digital folio for graduates. Digital folios for Masters of Fine Art.

Professional Development

Great for artists and designers that also want to discuss works they have made, or techniques used, or projects they are currently working on.

Tutoring Prices

Glasgow West End at KSD, Ashley Street or at Your Home
1 hour lesson£45
1 hour 30mins lesson£60
6 hours Block£220

The six hours tutoring block can be split into either one hour sessions, one hour thirty mins sessions or two hour sessions. Please note lessons have an expiry date of twelve months from date of purchase, see our terms and conditions below.

Tutoring at Your Home - Areas Covered in Glasgow

City Centre, West End, West and North of City. Please contact us if you are unsure if we cover your area.


One to one private tutoring is held at 7 Ashley Street, G3 6DR in the Woodlands area of Glasgow West End, which is also close to the city centre. Ages 8+ to adult (any child must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult).

We also take our professional tutoring to the comfort of your own home, suitable for ages 8+ to adult.

How to apply?

If you are interested in tutoring, please contact us by completing the contact form below, or by emailing us, texting, or by phone, to let us know what kind of artworks or creative project you would like to work on, and we will reply to you with more information.

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    Happy Artists - Testimonials

    I loved watching Blair demonstrating the brushstrokes and although it was frustrating to find my attempts rather random it was still absorbing and satisfying with that example to work from. All the materials and whole setting were very appealing. My feedback is to say how kind and encouraging Blair was which overcame my initial nervousness and made the experience very positive.

    Anne - Calligraphy

    I enjoyed making the Long Forest with everybody because we used sticks and special brushes along with ink which was fun! The art group has helped me with my subject choices coming up! Thought it was fantastic and I have learned lots! :)

    Anna - Secondary level

    I really enjoyed the mountains forest picture. More Anime/ Manga.

    Josh - Secondary level

    The writing and drawing together gave me a confidence boost.

    Pauline - Art + Design + Creative Writing

    I enjoyed drawing friends, because I can practice drawing better. Blair listened to me and took on what I had to say.

    Amy - Secondary level
    One to one art tutoring at Kagyu Samye Dzong Glasgow
    Young artist working on large mixed media piece

    Questions and Answers for One to One

    I have a busy schedule with work at different times so am unable to have lessons at the same time every week, can we come to a flexible arrangement?

    Yes, we are totally flexible, lessons can be at different times to suit you. Some students prefer to have them every week or so, but can be twice in a week or in a month, and on different days - weekends, weekdays and evenings are all possible where we have space.

    I would like to learn oil painting with you, I haven't used oil paints before though, how should I go about this?

    At the first lesson, we will talk with you about your interest in oils, for instance what do you want to achieve and what kind of oil painting and subject do you like like (is it landscape or portrait or abstract?), do you have any experience with oil paints, or paints generally? After chatting about this, we will start with some drawing, with a demonstration first by the tutor, and get you going on a drawing to get a sense of what stage you are are at and what setup will suit you to begin with oil paints. We will talk through the basics of the medium, such as about fat on lean, show you some examples by artists and give you a handout to keep that will remind you of the techniques. Depending on what pace you feel comfortable with we will start with oils usually in the second lesson, on a small scale to begin with, using minimal colours or just monochrome. Also at the first lesson we will talk through your materials list, explaining all the materials. We'll continue from there into more detailed instructions, and the tutor will discuss a plan for each lesson that you are happy with.

    I want to apply for developing a portfolio, do I need to send you example images of my artwork first?

    This isn't really necessary, as you can bring examples of your work, sketchbooks or images of the works, to the lessons where you can discuss these, usually at the start of the lesson or if you come a bit earlier. There is no pressure or expectation to have work to a certain standard - we don't select students based on their folios.

    Could I bring examples of my artwork to show you and have critical feedback as a tutorial, to get new ideas and pointers on methods, rather than do any artwork in the lesson?

    If you want to focus on discussing your own works you have made, and don't want to make work at the studio, but may need advice and possibly demo of techniques, this is all absolutely fine. Apply as normal to book your block, we recommend a 1 hour 30 mins lesson for this purpose, although a one hour lesson may be enough to give you feedback. If bringing works with you, please make sure your artworks are not excessively large or heavy, if unsure please send images beforehand. It can also be helpful for this type of lesson if you can email some artwork images, or any other info, a couple of days in advance of the lesson for the tutors to think about before meeting you. You also have the option of us giving your work an online Feedback Review, where you would email us images of your works and receive helpful feedback and advice (please contact us for more information).

    Can the D&P Studio tutor my child in drawing - she is very dedicated to her art and I think she could benefit from some extra teaching out of her school work to have more drawing practice?

    We would be pleased to tutor children at Ashley Street KSD buidling from age eight plus, if you or a guardian can please accompany the child during the session due to the rules of the building. Also we can tutor in your home from age eight, if you can be in the room or a nearby room please.

    I am a professional architect who has not had any recent experience of drawing from life, becoming a bit rusty, and want to get back into this and the more creative side of my practice, what can you do to help me at private tutoring?

    It would be good to discuss first with you about your interests in art and architecture as well as as related things, which we could work on bringing into sketchbook practice to begin with. Developing this as well as figurative and landscape drawing in different styles, using varied mark making and techniques that are new for you, would be a great start to exploring new creative practice which could filter into your architecture work. We could move forward with colour and painting studies, or mixed media, or experimental 3D work with simple materials - there will no doubt be lots of different projects and exciting possibilities.

    As an absolute beginner who has no skill in art whatsoever, but would like to have fun and try it out at least, would you take me on a as a student?

    Yes we would be happy to help you, we have lots of experience helping folk that haven't done much or any art. We will make you feel comfortable, have a chat and a look at some of the examples we have, and we will do some demos and start off with some fun markmaking gradually with simple materials like pens on paper. Depending on what you would like to do, we may begin drawing from a single object or still life and take it from there. Or if you want to just get going enjoying a more fun approach we can do that too - there won't be any pressure to get through different steps, we'll just take it at an ok pace for you and see that the process of drawing can be enjoyable. Most beginners are surprised how fun drawing and looking can be and how it opens up a new way of seeing that with guidance will help build confidence and skills that they didn't think they could develop at all.

    Terms & Conditions

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