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Here is a wee bit of news from the D+P Studio!

Dates set for Urban Sketching Tours at Parkhead

18 April 2017

Dates set for Urban Sketching Tours at Parkhead

Three drawing tours following the Parkhead Heritage Trail:

Saturday 29th April ‘The Built Environment’- Alan Wilson
Saturday 27th May ‘Setting the Scene’- Esther Semmens
Saturday 24th June ‘Dynamic Line’- Blair Thomson

Tours will begin at 1.30pm from the Parkhead Art Studio, Parkhead Cross, 1 Westmuir Street, Glasgow G31 5EH. All materials will be provided, all abilities welcome, tours are free.

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Developing the initial sketches – Maryhill Art Group

2 April 2017

Developing the fast initial sketches (in the previous post) into longer pieces. Folk started bringing in shapes based on memory and their experience. Also we moved into nature related compositions. A couple of folk who are into gardening and flowers worked on topographical map like drawings..

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Maryhill Art Group – drawing architectural shapes

1 April 2017

We worked on some creative and futuristic drawings inspired by architecture. Mostly 3 to 5 minutes for each drawing.

One of the students responded to her drawings: space invaders – doctor who… or maybe even cosmic mess!

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Discussing creative approaches at the Mitchell Library for combining art and literacy

22 March 2017

At the Aye Write ’17 Adult Literacy event at the Mitchell Library, March – Blair discussing the creative approaches to combine art and design and writing – for the publication ‘Future’ which was launched at the event.

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Painting with sumi ink – Sho practice

10 March 2017

Making some marks with fude brushes and fudepen. Beginning sho practice with the brush stopping and flicking, speed of the marks and energy. Kanji characters ten – heavens/ sky and shin or kokoro – heart/ mind.

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Graphic design geometric tasks

10 March 2017

Using art brushes (filled with ink) and Prockey and Maped pens to experiment on cartridge paper with a graphic design balance of colours and angular shapes. The ink creates a good textural contrast with the less flat more marky pens which helps with variety in the design. We have aimed for some pieces to keep the tones of the colours as similar as possible whilst looking for colour contrast (which can be a bit tricky!), others have tonal as well as colour contrast in them.

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‘Future’ – a publication for the Aye Write! Glasgow book festival

27 February 2017

Preparation for the publication of ‘Future’ for the Aye Write! book festival in March, a book of writing and drawing by adult learners across Glasgow. Have laid out the 50 pages here, placing at least one piece of written work and one drawing by each of the thirty five contributors. Not enough pages for so much creative output since January!

Enjoying working with the learners, Stuart Corkindale (2 Hours Limited) and Glasgow Life on this project. The theme is ‘Learning for the Future’ which has been open to imaginative and quirky ideas and contemplation about our possible urban scape, society, technology and day to day life in the future.

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A few more pictures…

20 February 2017

A few more pictures from the Maryhill Hub art groups last term, working in sketchbooks and larger sheets of cartridge paper with posca, prockey and other pens. Lots of energy and sketchbooks filled up with drawings and collage!

Maryhill Art Group @ The Maryhill Hub 2016 Winter

Maryhill Art Group @ The Maryhill Hub 2016 Winter

Maryhill Art Group @ The Maryhill Hub 2016 Winter

Maryhill Art Group @ The Maryhill Hub 2016 Winter

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