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Autumn leaves, apples, word art and freedom to explore

1 October 2017

Inspired by the Kelvin River area and leaves collected nearby, as well as it being national poetry day, we began with some doodling and writing words in different colours, finding inspiration from our experience and finding ways to bring writing and drawing together.

We used coloured inks, beautiful transparent silky colours, to capture some of the autumnal green and golden brown hues as well as the shapes of the leaves.

Then we used palette knives and rollers to play around with the materials, bringing in some contrasting oil pastel textures, and just try out some different marks and let things flow 🙂 The apples from the community garden we took home and made into jam!

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Patterns, colours and lines as leaves fall and moon glows..

25 September 2017

The combinations of deep hued colours, from crimson to viridian green, and textures was really enjoyable to look at. We also read some short Haiku poems too about the autumn leaves and moon.

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Experimenting with water based paints and mark making

25 September 2017

Tree study (Copyright Blair Thomson)

Tree study (Copyright Blair Thomson)

Recently I was asked by a student about this image and how it was painted. It was made during an outdoors art session – working from memory of being in the landscape and trees.

We used shirtcard (plastic coated paper) with three colours of acrylic paints – titanium white, burnt sienna and ivory black. We didn’t use any brushes or palette at all! Instead we went for a very direct and fun approach – using the paint from tubs with a single piece of A5 card to scoop the paint on and make marks directly on the paper.

I placed two pieces of A2 paper next to each other (taped on the back) and worked initially portrait format, inspired by the memory of a pine tree I had drawn earlier that day, looking up to towards the sky. We dipped the card into water or poured water on the piece also to dilute the paint and get some drippy energetic effects. We experimented with capturing the variety of textures of the tree and forest and spaces, contrasting wet and dry marks.

Working flat on the ground we could move around our pieces painting freely – changing the composition or which way we wanted to work on the piece. We painted for about 45 minutes.

The idea was to capture the essence and mood of being in the landscape – so using a really limited palette of three colours and one painting tool (the bit of card) was really helpful to speed up and get into the process and mess about with mark making.

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Rock and wood rubbings with lead and pastel

17 August 2017

Rumbling Bridge rubbing edit 2 from Drawing and Painting Studio on Vimeo.

Graphite sticks and oil pastels are ideal for doing the rubbings (more eloquently termed frottage!), picking up all the fine textures, some like a half hidden language in the rock and bark. Feeling the pressure points as you draw helps bring out the edges and shapes.

Rumbling Bridge Rubbing 3 Edit 2 from Drawing and Painting Studio on Vimeo.

Rumbling Bridge Rubbing 2 Edit 2 from Drawing and Painting Studio on Vimeo.

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Art Walk in the depths of Birnam Forest

17 August 2017

We walked in the big tree country from Dunkeld and Birnam train station, gradually moving up by the Hermitage and its towering tree garden to the really Rumbling Bridge over the River Braan. Then we headed along the open hillside and back through dense and peaceful Tomgarrow Wood to Dunkeld.

Inspired by the magnificent larches, firs and exposed rocks, we made rubbings in our sketchbooks and small drawing studies, engaging simply but deeply with the environment.

Some of the tree and wild life that we stopped to contemplate –

noble fir
douglas fir
grand fir
european larch
scots pine
oriental spruce
norway spruce
silver birch
red kite
red squirrel
peacock butterfly

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Preparation – making simple stencils

12 August 2017

When making some stencils in advance for workshops the Olfa rotary cutter was ideal for the job, sketching out lightly with pencil first and cutting shapes smoothly with the Olfa into paper and cardboard.

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Colour and energy – graffiti workshop

12 August 2017

There were over twenty children and adults at the sunny summer workshops for the NUC, guided in creative graffiti and drawing and painting techniques.

Many of the young people really engaged with the visual possibilities and were encouraged to work into and around sprayed and drawn areas to create space, and lively designs.

The ice lollies helped cool everyone down and refreshed for more expression!

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Astronomical themed art session for children

12 August 2017

Drawing on painted paper to create a glossy sheen and black card with oil pastels, we had fun at Ruchill.

We created planets, stars, astronauts, galaxies, interplanetary exploration, and deep space!

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Summer Milton Graffiti and Art Workshop

10 July 2017

Let’s have some fun trying out some spray paints, graffiti and drawing outdoors at the Milton hub, part of the North United Communities summer drop in programme.

Find us at Milton Community Huts, Miltonbank Primary School, July 11th and 18th from 1pm to 3pm. Adults and children ages 5+, admission free.

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