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D+P Studio News

Colour and energy – graffiti workshop

There were over twenty children and adults at the sunny summer workshops for the NUC, guided in creative graffiti and drawing and painting techniques. Many of the young people really engaged with the visual possibilities and were encouraged to work into and around sprayed and… Read More »Colour and energy – graffiti workshop

Astronomical themed art session for children

Drawing on painted paper to create a glossy sheen and black card with oil pastels, we had fun at Ruchill. We created planets, stars, astronauts, galaxies, interplanetary exploration, and deep space!

Summer Milton Graffiti and Art Workshop

Let’s have some fun trying out some spray paints, graffiti and drawing outdoors at the Milton hub, part of the North United Communities summer drop in programme. Find us at Milton Community Huts, Miltonbank Primary School, July 11th and 18th from 1pm to 3pm. Adults… Read More »Summer Milton Graffiti and Art Workshop

Drawing Tour to Parkhead Necropolis and looking beyond

We began the final Parkhead Heritage Trail urban sketching tour by loosening up with some fun warm up sketches – blind drawings of the buildings nearby and abstract line drawings. Afterwards we walked from Parkhead Cross to the Necropolis where we had the first demo… Read More »Drawing Tour to Parkhead Necropolis and looking beyond

Urban sketching at Parkhead – doing a demo with biro and marker

Artist’s demo of guess where?!! ???? #parkheaddrawingtour #urbansketchers #community #learning #glasgow Parkhead Artist-in-Residenceさん(@parkheadartist)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 6月 24 10:12午前 PDT

Still life drawing with a Cubist feel

Using oil pastels at Maryhill Art Group we worked from a setup of studio objects including tripod, paint tubes, brushes and water jugs. We looked at artists Picasso and Heron. Their works encouraged us to feel free to block in areas of colour and use… Read More »Still life drawing with a Cubist feel

Mask making inspired by Mexico at the Ruchill group

Children at Ruchill embraced the spirits of the South American and Asian mask theme. Animals and demons were at loose! We used card and coloured paper to make the simple masks with elastic bands connected to paper straps.

Maryhill Art Group

Developing abstracts with ink and collage – Maryhill Art Group

We began on some small drawings from shapes in the buildings and garden area. Then had some fun (and a good few splashes) exploring with mixed media with ink, graphite and collage on larger sheets of cartridge paper..

Portraits by children at the Ruchill group

As always a lively afternoon of artwork with the energetic kids at North United Communities. At this session we encouraged the children with demos and examples how to draw portraits from life using pencils in their sketchbooks.

May 2017 Maryhill Art Group

Drawing with graphite and biro pen – Maryhill Art Group

We worked on a few graphite sketches in the peaceful and cool shade of the courtyard. Plenty to draw from the organic shapes in the garden vegetable planters to the angles of the old school itself.