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Parkhead Arts Centre

Drawing Tour to Parkhead Necropolis and looking beyond

We began the final Parkhead Heritage Trail urban sketching tour by loosening up with some fun warm up sketches – blind drawings of the buildings nearby and abstract line drawings. Afterwards we walked from Parkhead Cross to the Necropolis where we had the first demo… Read More »Drawing Tour to Parkhead Necropolis and looking beyond

Urban sketching at Parkhead – doing a demo with biro and marker

Artist’s demo of guess where?!! ???? #parkheaddrawingtour #urbansketchers #community #learning #glasgow Parkhead Artist-in-Residenceさん(@parkheadartist)がシェアした投稿 – 2017 6月 24 10:12午前 PDT

Sketchy Panorama of Parkhead Cross

Working together at Parkhead Arts Centre on a large cartridge paper piece of the view of the historic Parkhead Cross buildings outside. We had to work quickly to sketch in the shapes of windows, roof lines, roads, road lights, and passing folk. We took turns… Read More »Sketchy Panorama of Parkhead Cross

Collage and mixing up drawings and text – Parkhead Men’s Art Group

The group has experimented creatively with word drawings, bringing in looser drawings/ illustration also to express their ideas about their community, experience and activity within the city..

The first Urban Sketching Tour in Parkhead- following the heritage trail

Rubbings of the ground and buildings, word drawings, sketches with graphite and pens – really enjoyed the urban sketching from Parkhead Art Studio led by Alan Wilson and the luck of the dice to see which task to work on!

Sketchbook work at Parkhead Men’s Art Group

Cracking start to the Parkhead Men’s Art Group combining drawing with creative writing. Inspiring community space at the Parkhead Arts Centre set up by Rebecca Fraser. We began with some fun tasks such as sticking down magazine cuttings of words and pasting onto our sketchbooks,… Read More »Sketchbook work at Parkhead Men’s Art Group

Dates set for Urban Sketching Tours at Parkhead

Three drawing tours following the Parkhead Heritage Trail: Saturday 29th April ‘The Built Environment’- Alan Wilson Saturday 27th May ‘Setting the Scene’- Esther Semmens Saturday 24th June ‘Dynamic Line’- Blair Thomson Tours will begin at 1.30pm from the Parkhead Art Studio, Parkhead Cross, 1 Westmuir… Read More »Dates set for Urban Sketching Tours at Parkhead