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D+P Studio News

Sho practice

Painting with sumi ink – Sho practice

Making some marks with fude brushes and fudepen. Beginning sho practice with the brush stopping and flicking, speed of the marks and energy. Kanji characters ten – heavens/ sky and shin or kokoro – heart/ mind.

Graphic design geometric tasks

Using art brushes (filled with ink) and Prockey and Maped pens to experiment on cartridge paper with a graphic design balance of colours and angular shapes. The ink creates a good textural contrast with the less flat more marky pens which helps with variety in… Read More »Graphic design geometric tasks

‘Future’ – a publication for the Aye Write! Glasgow book festival

Preparation for the publication of ‘Future’ for the Aye Write! book festival in March, a book of writing and drawing by adult learners across Glasgow. Have laid out the 50 pages here, placing at least one piece of written work and one drawing by each… Read More »‘Future’ – a publication for the Aye Write! Glasgow book festival

Maryhill Art Group @ The Maryhill Hub 2016 Winter

A few more pictures…

A few more pictures from the Maryhill Hub art groups last term, working in sketchbooks and larger sheets of cartridge paper with posca, prockey and other pens. Lots of energy and sketchbooks filled up with drawings and collage!

G15 Youth Project - Art Group

G15 Youth Project in Drumchapel

Great fun to work with the talented creative young people at G15 Youth Project in Drumchapel over January and February. We used all sorts of materials from paints, to ink with sticks and bamboo pens, felt and paint pens – we even included pencil by… Read More »G15 Youth Project in Drumchapel

Sketchbooks from Millers Art, Glasgow

Art Materials Sponsorship

Thanks to Millers Art ( for kindly sponsoring our community art classes with materials and the very popular A4 sketchbooks for our winter 2016/2017 term. The books have been energetically collaged and filled with life drawings, sketches of manga and abstract expressionists patterns and more!

Manga and anime themed drawing group

Workshop using sketchbooks, graphite and pens – manga and anime themed drawing workshop at G15 Youth Project, Drumchapel. An exciting challenge to develop compositions and ideas. Especially working with figure drawing and portraits with the simplifed strokes and manga style proportions. For creative inspiration we… Read More »Manga and anime themed drawing group