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Maryhill Art Group

May 2017 Maryhill Art Group

Drawing with graphite and biro pen – Maryhill Art Group

We worked on a few graphite sketches in the peaceful and cool shade of the courtyard. Plenty to draw from the organic shapes in the garden vegetable planters to the angles of the old school itself.

Tangram inspired shapes – Maryhill Art Group

Looking at old Chinese Tangram puzzles to begin with, we then started drawing with pencils, before cutting and sticking our own shapes. We experimented with our compositions, considering artwork by artist/ teacher Hans Hofman and Paul Klee for more visual ideas.. ‘Through a painting we… Read More »Tangram inspired shapes – Maryhill Art Group

Developing the initial sketches – Maryhill Art Group

Developing the fast initial sketches (in the previous post) into longer pieces. Folk started bringing in shapes based on memory and their experience. Also we moved into nature related compositions. A couple of folk who are into gardening and flowers worked on topographical map like… Read More »Developing the initial sketches – Maryhill Art Group

Maryhill Art Group – drawing architectural shapes

We worked on some creative and futuristic drawings inspired by architecture. Mostly 3 to 5 minutes for each drawing. One of the students responded to her drawings: space invaders – doctor who… or maybe even cosmic mess!

Maryhill Art Group @ The Maryhill Hub 2016 Winter

A few more pictures…

A few more pictures from the Maryhill Hub art groups last term, working in sketchbooks and larger sheets of cartridge paper with posca, prockey and other pens. Lots of energy and sketchbooks filled up with drawings and collage!

Sketchbooks from Millers Art, Glasgow

Art Materials Sponsorship

Thanks to Millers Art ( for kindly sponsoring our community art classes with materials and the very popular A4 sketchbooks for our winter 2016/2017 term. The books have been energetically collaged and filled with life drawings, sketches of manga and abstract expressionists patterns and more!