De-stress doodling colourful leaves

At the De-stress drawing group we had an easygoing meeting with a nourishing theme of embracing the autumn colours and leaves, enjoying the changing spectrum of colours and textures at this time of year, refreshing our senses 🍂🍃🍁

De-stress doodling colourful leaves

We started with some fun doodling of shapes within shapes. Some of us drew with pens and pencils with white paper and Blair and others used pastels and black paper for a striking and textural effect. Blair gave a demo showing how to combine some mixed media of watercolour pencils, brushed with water, and oil pastels.

De-stress doodling colourful leaves
De-stress doodling colourful leaves

It was nice and chilled doodling, with a fun feel of Halloween on the way too!
We had some inspiration from a poem by Sogi –


Bushes bend toward earth
Before Snowy daybreak
A storm passes
In the garden moonlight
Night growing cold


Many thanks to the participants for kindly sharing their images to add to this post.