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Japanese signs at Kanji Club, 注意!

We had great fun at Kanji Club in June with our theme of signage, looking at lots of really interesting and quirky signs, reading and pronouncing the vocab and sentences. We wrote some common ones such as 注意 chuui be careful! And Blair showed folk the origins of the kanji character parts and radicals in these fascinating and meaningful kanji.

Japanese signs at Kanji Club

Many thanks to the participants who sent pictures! Including those of deer martial arts and assassin fish amongst more sensible ones such as indicating the way to the rest room.

Some of the kanji we had at for the quiz were 田 den – field、心 shin – heart/mind、立 ritsu stand、音 on -sound、忠 chuu – loyalty、and we had some compound words too.

Japanese signs at Kanji Club

The next date is August 9th, see you then, matene またね!