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New Year Sutra Tracing – Meditative Heart Shakyo

We met online on Zoom for our cosy and friendly group for some calming and relaxing copying of the inspiring Heart Sutra 般若心経. It was a great practice for embracing the New Year and wishing wellbeing. The famous Heart Sutra – Maka Hannya Haramitta Shingyo -is known more fully as the Heart of the Vast Perfection of Wisdom Sutra.

New Year Sutra Tracing - Meditative Heart Shakyo

After some time to talk together about the practice, history and materials, Blair chanted the verse for opening the Sutras and lit some incense, and we had a peaceful time of copying and tracing. 

New Year Sutra Tracing - Meditative Heart Shakyo

Blair gave some demos about how to brush calligraphy in the shakyo style, with helpful tips for practitioners. We shared some suggestions for which types of incense and solid ink sticks are available, such as the cherry blossom scented ink stick and subtle scents of Japanese incense. Thank you to those taking part for all your support and input into the group ad practice 🙏

Thanks to those who took part and for sending some photos for this post of your vivid Sutra copies!