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Creative Time – Reaching out to wintery open spaces

This month’s Creative Time is very laid back – please send us any photos you have taken of your wintry environment, or any poems you have written about the season. 

Mark’s view of hills and moon from the north of Glasgow

The February days are becoming longer and there is more sunshine to energise us. If you are able to get out for a walk you could take a picture then, or from your window of the sky for instance if you are mainly indoors. You could also doodle some words or shapes related to the season.

Winter Park Blair Thomson
Blair’s view through twisting trees
Vast space and light by Mark
The light greens, pinks and purples of winter light by Ken

Have fun, doodle or come up with some creative words at our free online art community. Our regular relaxing activities – Creative Time – encourage you to have some creative enjoyment and keep in touch with us and find inspiration from other participants in Scotland and beyond!

It would be great if you would like to send us an image of anything you make, for us to show online if possible, please either 1. email us your image, 2. post to instagram with this tag #dandpstudio_creativetime or 3. post on our Facebook page.

Creative Time