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The last day of winter 節分 Setsubun

The last day of winter 節分 Setsubun

At our cultural and language group Kanji Club on zoom we enjoyed marking 節分 Setsubun – the end of winter in the Japanese calendar – even although many of us had snow and ice where we were! 

A couple of us followed tradition and threw some cooked beans at demons to keep out the bad luck and bring in good fortune. In Japanese culture oni demons are much loved, often cute with horns and red bodies.

The last day of winter 節分 Setsubun

We learned about the parts of each kanji character, and how to write them in Kanji (Chinese characters, also used in Japan) and Japanese Hiragana. We also practiced pronunciation of this and the chosen vocabulary for the month, before Blair brought out the fun and educational Kanji Quiz game!

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