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Unsurpassed and deep – tracing the Kaikyōge and Fuekō

Unsurpassed and deep - tracing the Kaikyōge and Fuekō

At Shakyō Sutra copying practice (online on zoom) we traced or copied two short verses which are often read or chanted in zen and other schools – the Kaikyōge Opening the Sutras Verse and the Fuekō Turning of Merit. 

They are deep and inspiring short verses, the Fuekō directly coming from the Lotus Sutra. Some of the people who joined the shakyō practice copied with a pen and others used a small brush. Blair gave a demo of the shakyo meditative process and how to use the traditional materials, such as the fude brush with the hair of life tip, as well as easier to find alternatives – like a pencil and copy paper! 

Unsurpassed and deep - tracing the Kaikyōge and Fuekō

With it being the middle of December, and having chosen two short poetic verses to trace, we naturally had time for a break for a sweet snack – for Blair a mince pie and dark choc with green tea ?? and after chanting the Kaikyōge and ringing the bell we restarted the practice.

It was nice that some folk tried the Japanese and also English versions of the verses. And added stamps if they had them! 

The first two lines of the Kaikyōge can be translated:

‘Unsurpassed, deep, minute, wondrous Dharma,
In a hundred thousand million years is rare to encounter..’

Unsurpassed and deep - tracing the Kaikyōge and Fuekō

The group was a nice way to close this year’s shakyō, and write our wishes for health and wellbeing and other things close to our hearts. Thanks to all who joined the practice this year.

Please see some examples below of works by participants.

Joan Ja
Joan En

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