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Youth Arts Project – De-stress and Express, Part 1

Blair worked with young people on a relaxing Youth Arts project in Glasgow – ‘De-stress and Express’ – combining arts and crafts with mindful meditation.

The arts and crafts classes were delivered in three locations – Maryhill, Ruchill and Milton. It was a tremendously well received project with over ninety children and young people taking part, from ages 5 to 18. Wheatley Foundation helped support the project and funding came from Creative Scotland.

Blair said about the project:

It was wonderful to see so many young people at the NUC with smiling faces enjoying arts and crafts and working mindfully with art materials they hadn’t used before. Colourful modelling clay was especially popular, and I encouraged them to relax and enjoy the sense of touch as well as find inspiration in natural themes around them.

More photos and information about the project in the next post.

Thanks to Wheatley Foundation and Creative Scotland for supporting and funding this project.