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Youth Arts Project – De-stress and Express, Part 2

De-stress and Express helped young people and children engage with the arts and develop art skills and confidence. Blair especially guided them to be creative mindfully and relax, as well as learn to use new art materials and techniques! 

As the project continued and more young people became involved, Blair, with the input of the young people and partners, explored the themes related to nature and mindful creative activity more deeply. 

A wide range of materials were used including some favourites which were asked for by the young people themselves such as slime, clay and crafty materials for sketchbooks. There was even inspiration from the Animal Man’s delightful creatures for drawing and touching very mindfully!  

The CEO of North United Communities, Jill Mackay, said:

The art and relaxation sessions funded by the Wheatley Group were incredibly beneficial and therapeutic for our young people. The sessions were perfectly designed to create an environment and activity that naturally encouraged presence, peace of mind and mindfulness. Our young people really engaged and enjoyed these sessions and always gave excellent feedback, saying they had so much fun and they found them rewarding. 

Feedback from parents included how the sessions brought out the best out in their children with a visible increase in calmness lasting for throughout the day. Overall, these sessions have increased the engagement and sustainment of young people continuing to participate mindfully within creative, artistic activities – with positive effects no doubt continuing to ripple out into our communities.

Thanks to Wheatley Foundation and Creative Scotland for supporting and funding this project.